Girls just wanna have fun

Hay Moms! We have been writing a lil’ too serious all this time. So we thought of breaking away from that and sharing some ideas to have fun. We all enjoy a good laugh, good food and good company. Here’s to some new and old party plans to get your thoughts going:

1. Bring in the Karwa chauth

There’s perfect setting on Karwa chauth day – you are dressed up, in company of friends and family and food is on your mind.. but you can’t drink or eat that day. You can 2 days before though. Organize a mehendi get together with your friends and make it into a party. Chatter, dancing and drinks can help you prepare for one day of absolute abstinence.

2. Let the games begin

Diwali is here and its game on for a round of cards. If you are worries that your young one is too impressionable and may not take the cards well, switch to board games. Its double the fun plus you can have folder kids join in too. Go on and make some money.


Sometimes you can party up for no reason making a sudden plan and for such parties the good old pot lunch or dinner and Bring Your Own Booze works fantastic. Its not a strain on the host and everyone gets to enjoy their fave drinks. If you are a new mommy, please excuse yourself from the contribution and just join the fun, you deserve it.

4. The spa kitty

Well for those active in kitty groups and tired of eating similar food at similar places, look out for group deals for spa or pampering sessions. The spa-lons are more than happy to work out group deals in non peak hours.

5. Shop out loud

There ain’t no therapy like retail therapy. Period.

6. Networking Clubs for women

Mom’s who have entrepreneurship on mind or plans to get independent but looking for direction can sign up for women’s networking club. Its not only helpful but recreational as well. The networking jam ups, lunches, complimentary workshops are loads of fun things that come along.

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